Lighted Makeup Mirror, Mirthee Led Makeup Mirror With 1X/3X Magnification Dimmable Light Compact Mirror And Usb Port(Rose Gold) Review

Lighted Makeup Mirror, Mirthee Led Makeup Mirror With 1X/3X Magnification Dimmable Light Compact Mirror And Usb Port(Rose Gold)

  • LED Lighting: Multiple LEDs form a ring for soft, natural light, no bulb changing, and a long life with extremely low energy use
  • USB Charging: Standard USB port charging for convenient power anywhere, plug into a USB outlet for corded use while charging. Breathing light during charging.
  • Dual Mirror Magnification: 1x magnification for a full view and 3x magnification to view fine details
  • Long Battery Time: Standby mode preserves the battery for a very long-lasting battery life
  • Dual Light Modes: Always on mode for continuous use and automatic mode which lights the mirror for 15 seconds for every touch, and the light is dimmable

Color:Rose Gold

A superior make-up mirror that shines with a bright, natural, and adjustable light that lets you apply your makeup easily. We’ve taken great care in the design of this mirror, packing it with the ideal features that fit easily into your palm. The tiny LEDs allow the light to be diffused the same way that natural light is, simulating a naturally lighted environment for accurate application. These LEDs are dimmable and energy-efficient, give off little heat, and have an incredibly long life, not needing to be replaced like conventional bulbs. The dual mirrors have 1x and 3x magnification for a high resolution look at tiny details. An induction sensor allows the light to be activated when touching the upper side and automatically shut off 15 seconds after leaving your hand. A 400mAh battery can provide long-lasting power, or you can plug up to a USB power supply for charging or corded use. We’ve packed it all into a body made of high-quality ABS material with a heavy-duty PC casing for durability and beautifully detailed it with an aesthetically pleasing design. 

Supplementary specification

The mirror comes with two side of mirrors. On the buttom is the one of 1X magnification(the so-called standard mirror), with LED ring around it. The other one is  of 3X magenification on the lid, without LED ring around it, but the light will be evenly diffused on the mirror from the bottom side when turning on.

You need to push the light button on the right side before lighting. Just press the button for seconds and the light will dim with time going by. For more instructions, please read the instruction or Customer questions & answers in the listing. 


1. Lighting: LED 2. Diameter: 85mm (3.34”) 3. Thickness: 17.2mm (0.68”) 4. Materials: ABS and PC 5. Power Supply: 2v 1.0A Micro USB 6. Battery: 400mAh 7. Weight: 106g (3.7 oz)

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