5″ Round Compact Makeup Mirror with Bright LED Light – Two Sides of Mirrors = 1X True View Side + 10X Magnifying Mirror Used for Precision Makeup/Travel Mirror Diffused LED Lighted Mirror (Rose Gold Review


  • LED Light – The LED light is bright and diffused but not blinding that helps you to do makeup in dark or poor light
  • Compact Mirror with Two Sides – One side is just a regular mirror with light and another side is 10x magnified that can apply precise makeup and magnifies the small unseen blemishes on your face
  • Great for Travel – It is just 5 inches round, 0.9 inches thick, 195g (7ounce) weight and provided with a carrying pouch perfect for travel without taking up too much space
  • Battery Included – 4 button batteries are already inserted on and available to be replaced easily after burned up
  • Guarantee Policy – We offer a 90 days 100% money back guarantee

♥ Here’s Why Our LED Lighted Compact Folding Mirror (Two Sides – 1x / 10x Magnified) is a Good Choice as a Magnified Mirror for Your Makeup on Travel or at Home:

♥ 1x / 10x Magnifying Compact Mirror – One side is 10x Magnification that is great for precise makeup application. Walk out knowing you look your very best. No more missing smudged eye makeup, unseen blemishes, stray hairs, or small specks between your teeth. Meanwhile, you can also have a true view on another side that is a regular mirror without magnifying.

♥ Portable Compact Travel Mirror – The size and weight are not so big and it is a folded compact mirror that is available to take it with you on travel easily.

♥ LED Lighted Mirror – The LED light is bright and diffused but not blinding and it is also perfect for those with visions difficulties. The light is only made on 1x regular mirror but not on 10X mirror.

♥ Great Viewing Area – As a travel mirror, the 3.9 inches viewable area on 1x regular mirror and 4.6 inches viewable area on 10x magnified mirror that is big enough to show what you need to see on your face clearly.

♥ Handheld Makeup Mirror – This mirror can just use hand-held as well as putting on table.

♥ Rose Gold Color – This elegant color makes the mirror good looking and cool.

♥ Battery model No. is: CR2032

♥ This mirror with LED light is perfect for detail work, precise makeup like eyeliner application or tweezing eyebrows.

♥ Important information:
The light ring is only on the side of 1x regular mirror but NOT on another side of 10X mirror.

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