Icarus”Laredo” Black Beauty Salon Hair Styling Station Cabinet Review


  • Laminated surface for easy to keep clean and low maintenance.
  • Made of compressed wood for durability.
  • Contemporary cabinet with drawer and disappearing appliance holder drawer on the right.
  • Depth: 14″ x Height: 35.75″ x Width: 15″ (Additional 9″ Appliance Holders)

Storing your items can be like a puzzle. You have to figure out which pieces go where. Take the guessing out of your storage issue with the “Laredo” station cabinet. With plenty of storage options, including a cabinet and a single drawer, the “Laredo” has plenty of room for your belongings. The cabinet also comes with a disappearing appliance holder drawer on its right side, conveniently assisting you with your most handy item placement. Avoid the puzzling task that storage can be, and let your items find a home in the “Laredo”.

Contemporary cabinet with drawer.
Large brushed nickel handles.
Laminate surface is easy to clean and maintain.
Compressed wood construction is strong and durable.
Disappearing appliance holder drawer.

Width: 15″
Depth: 14″
Height: 35.75″
Additional appliance holders.


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